Netzwerk Deutschlandstipendium

Ideal funding program
As an association and university group, the network Deutschlandstipendium Karlsruhe e. V. brings together current scholarship holders, alumni and sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium in Karlsruhe. Founded by current and former scholarship holders, the association supplements the financial support of the Deutschlandstipendium with a multifaceted non-profit support program. This consists of an average of two events per month and includes lectures by external experts, workshops on various key qualifications and field trips. A wide range of topics and events is offered, so that the scholarship holders can broaden their horizons and gain insights into the most diverse subject areas. Last but not least, the scholarship holders also have the chance to develop themselves further. The programme is rounded off by regular meetings and other leisure events that promote networking and interdisciplinary exchange among the scholarship holders.
The sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium, without whom it would not be possible to award more than 300 scholarships throughout Karlsruhe, also form an essential part of the network. Thanks to the unique concept of the Deutschlandstipendium, scholarship holders have the great opportunity to make new contacts with industry and business. The association wants to further strengthen this networking of sponsors and scholarship holders by means of diverse collaborations.
Further information about the association and its non-profit funding program as well as contact possibilities can be found at
If you have any questions about the Deutschlandstipendium, please contact Ms. Tanja Lange or send us an e-mail to: deutschlandstipendium∂kit edu
We always welcome scholarship holders who want to support us in our work and help shape the ideal funding program with their own ideas.
Just contact us if you are interested!