FAQ Career Fair

General Questions

What is the KIT Career Fair?
The KIT Career Fair is the annual company contact fair at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It is organized by Career Service & Alumni at KIT. The fair is aimed at students, doctoral candidates, alumnae and alumni of all disciplines and offers them the opportunity to find out about potential employers and career entry. At the same time, it offers you as a company a platform to present yourself to qualified young professionals with vacancies and information on the application process, recruiting and career paths in your company.
Please note that the fair is intended exclusively for recruiting purposes.
When will the next KIT Career Fair take place?
The KIT Career Fair usually takes place in May, the date for the next fair is May 14 and 15, 2024. The fair is open to participants on both days between 12 and 6 p.m.
Where will the KIT Career Fair be held?
The KIT Career Fair 2024 will once again take place on site on the South Campus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as an open-air event in front of the Audimax.
What does the KIT Career Fair look like?
The relaxed open-air concept will remain, but in 2024 there will again be company stands to make it easier to find the companies. The companies will present themselves either in an open community tent with a high table or individually in 3x3m or 4x4m pagodas - the latter with outdoor space for branded beanbags/deckchairs, popcorn machines or exhibits.
Colored dots on the stands indicate the companies' areas of expertise.
We are retaining the open, sustainable open-air festival character with food trucks and seating areas so that students and company representatives can exchange ideas at eye level in a relaxed atmosphere.
To what extent is the KIT career fair ecologically sustainable?
In times of the energy crisis and climate change, we have put our previous trade fair setting to the test: The large exhibition tent, which, since 2013, we have always had temporarily erected on the lawn in front of the Audimax for the duration of the fair and have had to heat or air-condition depending on the weather, no longer seems up to date to us. We have therefore opted for a much more energy-efficient open-air event, saving hundreds of liters of heating oil, among other things.
In order to avoid waste, we have gradually reduced our printed materials and offer you, for example, a digital trade fair profile that gives students quick online access to your important information. We design signage on the exhibition grounds in such a way that it can be reused.
In the interests of sustainability, we also ask you as a company to bring a small number of your own reusable roll-ups and beach flags to the trade fair for branding purposes and to keep the number of flyers and giveaways to a minimum. By doing this and by not using large exhibition walls and stand structures, you help to reduce the number of deliveries to the trade fair by truck to a minimum. We ensure that you are easy to find on the exhibition grounds by clearly defining company areas (pavilions or fixed bar tables in the communal tent) and site plans with a link to the company directory.
Our regional food trucks offer many vegetarian and vegan dishes. We avoid the use of paper cups by asking students to bring their own drinking bottles, which can be refilled on site at mobile water stations. Glasses, cups and returnable bottles will be provided for you as company representatives.
In order to keep the ecological footprint of the KIT Career Fair as low as possible, we would be pleased if as many company representatives as possible traveled by public transport. To support this, we will provide you with a free KVV ticket for the Karlsruhe city area.
What do I bring to the trade fair as a company if I have booked a stand-up table in the open community tent?
You bring along a branded roll-up that you can place behind your bar table. You can also display small quantities of give-aways and company flyers on your stand-up table. Please note that no advance deliveries are possible and that you will not be able to drive onto the university grounds on the day of the fair. Electricity is not available at this company stand.
What do I bring to the trade fair as a company if I have booked a 3x3m pagoda?
You can bring branded roll-ups or beach flags, as well as give-aways and company flyers to display. Please note that no advance deliveries are possible and that you will not be able to drive onto the university grounds on the day of the fair. Electricity is not available at this company stand.
What do I bring to the trade fair as a company if I have booked a 4x4m pagoda with a front garden?
You can bring design elements such as branded roll-ups or beach flags, an exhibition back wall and/or your own furniture.
A power connection is available for a monitor or refrigerator.
For the outdoor area, you can bring branded deckchairs, beanbags or fun objects such as table football, wheel of fortune, popcorn machine, etc. You are also welcome to bring an exhibit (by arrangement with the trade fair team).
You can bring give-aways and company flyers to display.
On the day of the fair, you will receive an entry permit to the campus and can deliver your furniture/equipment.


How can I book a place at the KIT Career Fair?
You can book your participation in the KIT Career Fair via the webshop in the Career-Service portal as of 23.January 2024. To do so, you need an account in the Career-Service-Portal - register right now if you do not have an account yet.
From the beginning of the booking period, you can check the availability of your suitable fair package and book it directly or be put on the waiting list.
You can find more information about the booking process here.
Can I book a stand on both days of the fair?
No, unfortunately this is not possible - participation is limited to one trade fair day and stand per company. In addition, there are quotas for the various disciplines sought. In this way, we want to ensure that the KIT Career Fair offers the widest possible range of opportunities for students from all disciplines.